The Laboratory for Fluid Analysis (S · O · S)  is a predictive maintenance tool that reduces downtime and operating cost of the equipment.

This program is used to determine the condition of your system components based on the amount of  contaminants found in fluid samples.

Through the S · O · S program we can help you identify early internal engine problems, final drives, differentials, transmission, hydraulics and cooling in order to prevent you costly failures.

Also, being a client of the  S · O · S program, you can access the history of the results obtained in your equipments through our website.

Reasons for choosing SOS services:

The SOS process is created by Caterpillar scientists and supported by product engineers. Worldwide testing standards ensure consistent quality, so you always receive detailed and accurate results.

The laboratory evaluates your sample based on extensive product knowledge, fluid properties and analysis of millions of data points (with over 7 million samples analyzed per year worldwide).

GENTRAC BELIZE can set up an analysis program tailored to your needs and integrate it into a robust equipment management program. Not only will you save money by troubleshooting problems before they arise, but you can also optimize operations to control your costs.

GENTRAC BELIZE will integrate the fluid data with other essential condition monitoring information, giving you insight into the condition, performance, location and other aspects of the fluid. (And with global software, you can easily run analyses with any Caterpillar lab and get a complete history).

The Caterpillar team knows more about engines and components than anyone else, whether they are Cat® or other brands. In fact, about 25% of all samples come from other manufacturers’ equipment.

Caterpillar performs oil, coolant and diesel fuel analysis for everything from power generators and pipelines to mining and marine machinery.

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